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Monday, January 24, 2011

Kosher Diet Challenges

I was talking with my colleague, Jon, today at the office. Being a bodybuilder, he mentioned that it can sometimes be a challenge getting enough protein when you adhere a Kosher diet.   For all of us goyim that have never even thought about this, let alone abide by it, here are the two big rules for Kosher dining:

  • Rule number 1:  You cannot combine meat products (except for fish) with dairy products. And eggs are considered meat. Moreover, you may not eat meat and dairy products at the same time. There goes combining eggs or meat with whey protein powder! There goes creme brulee and any custard-type desserts. There goes the chicken enchiladas. And forget putting Parmesan cheese on your favorite Italian-style chicken and pasta.
  • Rule number 2:  There are a couple of NO-NOs.  No pork products.  There goes my favorite ECONOMICAL protein source!   No shellfish either--no shrimp, no scallops, no lobster, no crustaceans! 
The more I thought about Jon's challenge, the more I realized that it may not be such a big challenge after all.  So you don't pair the garlic and herb roasted chicken with the garlic-smashed redskins.  So what?  Pair it with some brown rice pilaf cooked in chicken stock, and maybe sweet potatoes (hold the butter, and instead drizzle with some EVOO).  Round it off with some broccoli sauteed in garlic and EVOO and you have a complete balanced meal.  My conclusion is that a Kosher diet is not that big of a deal.  It's just that you have to be a little more creative in designing the menu.  A Bi Gazunt my mensch, you can eat meat!  Things could be worse, you could be a vegetarian.

In honor of Jon and all the other bodybuilders that adhere to a Kosher diet, tomorrow I'll post my recipe for "Oy Gevalt, I can't believe he's not Jewish, Stuffed Matzoh Ball Soup".  Trust me, it's the best this side of New Jersey! Print this recipe

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  1. This is wrong, eggs are NOT considered meat, they are PARVE which means they are neither meat or dairy. Which means you can eat eggs with dairy. You CAN put cheese on eggs, but not chicken.