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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coming This Weekend. . .

The weekend is almost here!  Work gets in the way of cooking and blogging sometimes. . .But you'll want to check back later this weekend for a couple of new anabolic recipes.

Also, I want to hear some feedback from you. If you've made something (and I know many of you have because you've told me so), write a comment or two at the end of the post. . .Or send an email to I'd like to hear from you, hear about what you've made, and how it turned out.

If I can get some fresh Lake Superior trout from Peterson's fish market on Friday, I'm going to prepare some trout that's over the top---Over the top and brimming with flavor, yes!  But also over the top in terms of cancer-fighting and cardio-healthy herbs, seasonings, and Omega-3 fats. If you don't like fish (good, more for us! lol), you might want to try this recipe with no fishy taste.

I got suckered into making some authentic almond-anise biscotti for an Italian party on Saturday, so watch for both the authentic and my anabolic, sugar-free version here as well. By the way, it REALLY bugs me when people mis-pronounce "Biscotti". They are not "bis SCOTTY"! The correct pronunciation is "bees KOAH tee". . .C'mon people, say it like the Romans.

Sunday we'll plan a kickazz family dinner--Not sure what yet, but check back Sunday night to see what we fixed.

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