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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crowd-Pleasing Power Foods for Superbowl Sunday

On the cusp of Superbowl XLV, I know you're already racking your brain over what food to serve!  Relax.  But whatever you do, don't limit yourself to boring Brats, Beer, and Chips. Introduce your Superbowl guests to some awesome-tasting powerfoods. Here are three Anabolic food options that you can prepare in advance. Most importantly, your party guests will be lining up for seconds and thirds!

Option 1

Try these tasty meat, spinach, and cheese-stuffed Northern Italian Stuffed Pasta Shells, and then score again with your guests by pairing it up with with Marinated Mediterranean Longevity Salad and some multigrain garlic bread.  Everyone loves Italian!  This is an EASY touchdown that will have the fans roaring.

Option 2

How about the ever-popular Tex-Mex Favorite of many Super Bowl parties--Anabolic White Bean Chili with Grilled Chicken. This hearty pot of goodness can stand alone as a one dish meal that you can prepare in 30 minutes or less.  When Tim and Anne Miller used to live in Chassell, they would request that I prepare this Superbowl favorite year after year.

Option 3

Another Tex-Mex favorite that will have them begging for more. . .Champion Chicken Enchiladas. Although this too can stand on its own as a one-dish meal, it works very well paired with Shirley's Black Bean Cardio Salad (with or without the tuna).

There you have it. . .Three very tasty, healthy, and easy to prepare menu options for your Superbowl Party.  Add a nice assortment of beers, wine and soft drinks; and when your guests offer to bring something, ask for an appetizer, or cookies and bars for dessert.  This year's bowl game may not have cheerleaders on the screen, but the fans in your living room will be cheering for the cook!

And don't forget. . .When the party is over and you have done your touchdown dance, post a comment to let us know how things turned out.

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